Message); } } using clause for completeness :) – IAbstract Dec 10 11 at 2:26 41 If you re looking to compare against an XSD file add the following line to the above code: settings. ValidationEventHandler += new ValidationEventHandler(ValidationCallBack); settings. Create(filename, settings); while (vreader. txt $listOfWorkflowsUnUsed = List-Of-Workflows-UnUsed. Validate(schemas, (o, ep) => { msg += Environment. GetRootActivity(String xomlText, String rulesText, Boolean createNew, Boolean initForRuntime)    at System. CreateWorkflow(XmlReader workflowDefinitionReader, XmlReader rulesReader, Dictionary`2 namedArgumentValues, Guid instanceId)    at Microsoft. Function: xmlTextReaderNext int xmlTextReaderNext (xmlTextReaderPtr reader) Skip to the node following the current one in document order while avoiding the subtree if any.

ObjectID $workflowIsUsed = $false # For Each Workflow Check If It Is Used In Some MPR If (. At the same time I also reconfigured a few things (e. ObjectID $mailTemplateIsUsed = $false # For Each Mail Template Check If It Is Used In Some Workflow If (. InitializeExecutor(Guid instanceId, CreationContext context, WorkflowExecutor executor, WorkflowInstance workflowInstance)    at System. – Because the previous errors did not help in any way and to see if I could get more information I decided to enable tracing for the FIM Service as described through the following blog post. where’s the part about deleting unused objects, in other words CLEAN UP. DisplayName $mailTemplateObjectID = $MailTemplateInFIMPSObject. -ForeGroundColor Green Write-Host Continuing Script.

TrimStart( urn:uuid: )) -Or $SETInFIMPSObject. ToUpper() -eq SET ) { Write-Host Write-Host +++ CHECKING USAGE OF SETS +++ -ForeGroundColor Cyan Write-Host # Files $listOfSETsUsed = List-Of-Sets-Used. AttributeName -Value $value } Write-Output $psObject } } # Current Folder $currentFolder = (Get-Location)..
. CreateInstance(XmlReader workflowDefinitionReader, XmlReader rulesReader)    at System validating xmlreader. in above case html tags like creates an issue as it is the value of. TrimStart( urn:uuid: )) -Or $SearchScopeInFIMPSObject. ..


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